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Group of UK business leaders looking to encourage Brexit from UK

Written by admin

Brett Chatz

The world is watching as Britain enters talks with the EU, and Greece with the IMF and the ECB – but which possible exit are the markets most concerned about? Grassroots initiatives have begun to encourage a Brexit from the European Union. The campaign is being spearheaded by a select group of British business leaders known as the No Thanks – We’re Going Global group. The campaign is fast gaining momentum ahead of the 2017 referendum on European Union membership. With Greece defaulting on its debt repayment obligations and likely to experience a Grexit from the EU, all eyes are now on Britain and its possible actions moving forward. There is a prevailing opinion that Britain will prosper outside of the EU, unlike Greece. For the most part, the European Union has not been an easy experience for struggling member nations like Greece, Spain, Italy and others. By the same token, the EU experience has been difficult for member countries that are prospering such as the United Kingdom. The British business leaders from the campaign group have already raised £7 million to promote the idea of a Brexit from the…

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What is a moving average and how can it help me with my technical analysis?

Written by admin

Brett Chatz

What are moving averages? A moving average is one of the most popular indicators used by traders and investors in technical analysis. It is a combination of price points that have been averaged out to form a trend, effectively smoothing out the outliers from price fluctuations to present a picture of the price movement of an asset over time. It should be noted that a moving average is an average that follows a trend. It is possible for a moving average to be a lagging indicator too. In their most basic forms, moving averages come in two distinct varieties: the exponential moving average (EMA) and the simple moving average (SMA). An exponential moving average assigns greater weight to recent price movements. The simple moving average is basically the average of a security over a predetermined period of time. Moving averages are essentially used to anticipate trend direction in price movements. They are also useful tools in technical analysis for the purposes of plotting resistance levels and support levels. How do moving averages work? Every tradable asset has multiple prices over any given period of time. As these price points are…

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