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Stock markets still lacking clear direction

Written by admin

Jason Sen

We all know that stock markets are experiencing one of the longest bull runs in history. Since the financial crisis of 2008 the world has seen unprecedented liquidity trigger remarkable gains. We are now entering the seventh year of the bull market, which started in March 2009 and has seen the S&P 500 index more than triple in that time. However in the last three months bulls appear to have lost their momentum. The E-mini S&P hit an all-time high of 2117.75 on 2 February 2015 and has only just managed to beat this level for the first time this week, almost three months later. On 18 May we made a new all-time high of 2128.75, indicating that bulls may finally be re-exerting their dominance. It’s not all blue skies just yet, as you can see in the daily chart of the E-mini S&P above. In the last 1½-2 months it appears we have been trading within a gently upward-sloping channel, as highlighted by the green trendlines. Monday’s new all-time high has tested the upper trendline of this channel and we must see a break and close above here during…

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Five common mistakes made when trading, and how to avoid them

Written by admin

Steve Ruffley

There are countless reference sites out there telling you how to trade the markets. I know from personal experience that it can certainly be easier to make money teaching trading than from trading itself. The trouble is that most people who teach trading are not traders themselves. This means they rarely have an emotional connection with the pain of trading. Pain, fear and greed drive the markets. The average retail trader loses money not because they are ‘wrong’ in their opinion. They lose money because the markets, driven by greed, inflict more pain (through volatility in movement) than they can stand. They invariably lose money because of this. The top five mistakes I have helped traders overcome are: 1. Trying to reinvent the trading wheel This is human nature. We are programmed to find the most efficient way of achieving our goals. Our goal in trading is to make money. I have seen it so many times: people think they can find an edge, or just try trading in a slightly different way to make money more easily. You can’t. There is no retail edge, there is no ‘free money’….

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