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Trading Academy

Sign up now for free access to our structured webinar series, the Learning Academy, and earn as you learn.* This exclusive training course contains four hours of webinars given by world-class traders and educators, with bonus rewards* for passing each stage. Topics include:

Recorded Webinars

Trading analysis


Technical Analysis

Technical trading analysis
  • How do you read a chart?
  • What do the different indicators mean?
  • How can you base trading decisions on market activity?

Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies
  • How do you build a trading strategy?
  • How do you stick to it?
  • Does your strategy meet your investment aims?

Trading Strategies from a professional trader

Want to know more about how a professional trades the market? In this guide, professional trader Tom Hougaard reveals some of his secrets with clear rules and real-life examples. For a fascinating insight into the life of a professional trader along with a wealth of practical information direct from the trading floor, download the file for free.

Tom Hougaard’s strategies

Earn as you learn - up to £200 bonus!*

After each module there is a multiple-choice test. The points you earn from passing each test can then be converted into bonus rewards* on your trading account if you deposit a matching amount. For example, 50 points can be converted to a £50 bonus if you deposit £50. Pass all the tests and you can receive a total bonus of £200. (Bonus applies to new accounts only.)
*Terms and conditions apply, see here

Live Trading Webinars

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Trading Glossary

'Going short', 'hedging', 'expiry', 'gearing', 'margin', 'rolling'.

Cut through the terminology with our clear and concise trading glossary.


Trading FAQs

All your questions answered.

How to place a trade, or fund your account, or manage your positions.

Plus technical help for the InterTrader web-based platform.

Platform Guide

6mins 18secs

Placing Trades & Orders

5mins 20secs

Trader Manual

We have detailed user guides for each of our trading platforms.