Tight Fixed Spreads

Fixed spreads definition

A fixed spread is where the difference between the price at which you can buy a market and the price at which you can sell that market (known as the spread) stays the same, even while the prices themselves are changing.

Our aim is to cut the cost of trading, starting with the spread itself. And because our spreads are fixed, you won’t be caught out during volatile market conditions. From January 2012 our spreads have been fixed 100% of the time during trading hours.

The difference between the buy and sell prices for any given market – called the spread – is effectively your cost for trading that market. We aim to keep the spreads for all our markets consistently low, to give you the best value service.

Some other providers will offer variable or ‘typical’ spreads, meaning you never know what the spread will be when you actually want to trade. We believe that the only consistent spreads are fixed spreads. Not ‘as low as’ or ‘from’, but fixed.

Market Fixed Spread Market Fixed Spread
UK 100 (Rolling Daily) 1 point EUR/USD (Rolling Daily) 1 pips
Germany 30 (Rolling Daily) 1 point EUR/GBP (Rolling Daily) 0.8 pips
Wall Street (Rolling Daily) 1 point USD/JPY (Rolling Daily) 0.8 pips
US Tech 100 (Rolling Daily) 4 points AUD/USD (Rolling Daily) 1 pip
Silver (Rolling Daily) 2.6 points GBP/USD (Rolling Daily) 1.8 pips
Gold (Rolling Daily) 4 points UK 100 shares 0.08% per side
Brent Crude (Futures) 4 points Major US shares 4c/share per side
US Crude (Futures) 4 points (spreads for shares are added to market spread)

Lower your costs with TradeBack™

When you trade with InterTrader.com we give you the chance to lower your costs still further, with our unique loyalty rebate. We call this TradeBack, and it is based on the spreads you have paid over the course of a month. As long as you have paid a combined spread cost during the month of over £500, regardless of how much you have earned from your positions, you will receive an automatic rebate.

The rebate rises from 5% to 10% of your total spread cost, depending on volume. The rebate is calculated on our spread on opening trades only, and the calculation differs for spread betting and CFD trading. Excludes opening trades on equities. (Please read our full TradeBack Terms & Conditions.)

Quite simply, the more you trade, the more you get back from InterTrader.com. Find out more about TradeBack.