Spread Betting UK

With financial spread betting you can take your own position on a huge range of financial markets. Go long or short of shares, indices, forex, commodities and more with InterTrader.com.

From January 2012 our spreads have been fixed 100% of the time during trading hours.

New to spread betting?

Financial spread betting

Financial spread betting is a relatively simple – and tax-free* – way to trade on both rising and falling markets. When you spread bet, you do not buy an actual share or futures contract. Instead you make a bet per point movement in the underlying market.

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Video: Introduction to Spread Betting - InterTrader

Watch our video to learn the basics of Spread Betting and the advantages of trading with InterTrader.com, an award winning Spread Betting provider.

Experienced trader?

Financial spread betting tools

Take advantage of:

  • Free trading signals from Trading Central
  • Advanced trading charts from IT-Finance
  • Live news and squawk from Talking Forex
  • Technical analysis from Trading Central
  • Fundamental analysis and heat maps
  • Forex analysis from Talking Forex

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Why choose InterTrader.com?

We are a UK Spread Betting operator offering:

Fast and reliable online trading

Our web-based platform gives you speedy execution with reliable market access.

Enjoy online trading on thousands of live markets, plus free tools, news and live charts.

Award-winning provider InterTrader.com offers competitive fixed spreads across a wide range of spread  betting and CFD markets, a reliable trading platform and an expert team supporting your trading decisions.

*UK taxpayers only. Tax treatment depends on the individual circumstances of each client and may change in the future.