Holiday TradeBack™

Choose between a new iPhone 6 or iPad Air 2 for Christmas

This December anyone who qualifies for Platinum level TradeBack™ will also receive a FREE iPad Air 2 or a brand new iPhone 6 sim free. Not only will we give you a rebate of up to 10% of your trading costs if you trade over a certain amount* but if you qualify for Platinum level TradeBack™ you will receive one of the most coveted gadgets around. Your rebate is based on the total spread fees, excluding equities, you have paid on opening trades over the course of the month, regardless of whether your trades have won or lost.

Your spread fee is the amount you have staked per point multiplied by the size of our spread on the market. For instance, the spread fee of opening a £5 per point trade on Wall Street Rolling Daily (spread = 2 points) is £10.

The TradeBack programme is broken down into three tiers, each offering a different level of reward and for December only we have included a brand new iPad Air or iPhone 6:

Loyalty tier Monthly spread fees TradeBack rebate
Silver £500 - £1999 5%
Gold £2000 - £4999 7.5%
Platinum £5000+ 10% and a FREE iPad Air 2 or iPhone 6

Say you make 210 opening trades of £10 per point on Wall Street Rolling Daily where our spread is 1 point. Your spread fees for the month will be £2100 (as £10 per point x 1 point x 210 = £2100). This level of trading would place you in the Gold tier, and would give you a rebate of £157.50 (7.5% of £2100).

A trade is complete when it has been opened and closed. Let's take another example of a client trading multiple securities. Say that in one month you complete:

55 £15/point trades on Wall Street Rolling Daily (spread = 1 point) with total spread fees of £825

30 £12/point trades on US Crude Futures (spread = 4 points) with total spread fees of £1440

30 £12/point trades on GBP/JPY Rolling Daily (spread = 3 points) with total spread fees of £1080

25 £20/point trades on Gold Rolling Daily (spread = 4 points) with total spread fees of £2000

Your combined spread fees over the month are £5345. This makes you eligible for our Platinum tier and guarantees you 10% back. Your monthly rebate will be £534. Another way to look at it is that you have taken 10% off the width of our spreads during this month.

We'll credit your rebate to your account the month after you earn it. You can withdraw it or use it to trade: there are no restrictions. We'll send you a detailed TradeBack statement every month. If you qualify for Platinum we will also send out a brand new iPad Air 2 64GB wi-fi + Cellular unlocked or an iPhone 6, 4.7 inch display 16GB sim free.

Unfortunately we are not able to include trades on equities in the TradeBack scheme, because of how the spread is calculated. All other markets are included.

There's no need to opt-in to our loyalty programme: all traders are automatically eligible for rebates, whether you are spread betting or trading CFDs. If you'd like to be excluded from this programme, please contact our Customer Care Team at or call +44 (0)20 7456 7677.

Make sure you take full advantage of our innovative cash loyalty programme for spread betting or CFD trading on financial markets. If you have any further questions please read our TradeBack FAQ.

*Please read our full TradeBack Terms & Conditions.