All you need to know about The Ruff Guide To Trading by Steve Ruffley

When you have presented over 1000 educational webinars, as I have, there are a few questions that certainly stick out. The main questions always revolve around what I do: Steve, how do you trade? What markets do you trade? How do you make money?

All these questions are valid, and the kind I can certainly answer, but I know my answers would be of little value to the average trader.

Who cares what I do? Well, everyone, as I have made my living and built my reputation on making consistent money in the markets. The problem is that the way I make money is through my style of trading. It is not something to simply replicate. I teach people how to find their style of trading.

It’s very much like being a golf pro. They can teach you how to play to your strengths but you may never be quite the golfer they are. Which is great, who wouldn’t want to be nearly as good as a pro golfer after some instruction?

This is what The Ruff Guide to Trading (published today by Harriman House) does. This book is for anyone who has tried trading and failed, anyone who has thought about trading and decided it was too difficult them. It is for anyone who wants to know the answers to trading… but is willing to do some work of their own.

The Ruff Guide gives you a series of things to think about. It questions what you know, what you think you know and what you most certainly don’t know. This is not meant to be ‘I know more than you’. This book is designed to give the collective knowledge of thousands of hours of trading, and years of mentoring, watching and helping both retail traders and professional traders. It’s a unique insight into both sides of the trading ‘game’.

Most people forget that the difference between retail and professional traders is huge. Not in that one group makes lots of money and the other does not, but in the fact that the levels of fear and greed – and the sheer money and time invested – are usually quite disproportionate.

Retail traders may put a few months or a few £1000 into trading, whereas to be a professional trader you are talking years of time invested in learning and usually many £10,000s of money invested in trading.

What I do is to bring these two very different worlds together. I explain why retail traders trade the way they do. And why professional traders pay attention to this. Then I show how the markets can be manipulated to give the edge to the professional traders.

If you want to get a complete idea of what trading is all about and how you – and only you – can understand what you are actually trying to achieve from trading, then The Ruff Guide to Trading is something you need to read.

If you are looking for a quick fix then this may be a symptom of why your trading results are not what they should be. The devil is in the detail!

ruff-guideThe Ruff Guide to Trading is available now on Amazon or direct from the publisher, Harriman House.

Steve Ruffley
Chief Market Strategist

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