Back to Blog launch the first ever Spread Betting app for iPad has launched the first ever financial spread betting app for the iPad, along with a spread betting app for the iPhone, both of which enable traders to keep on top of market movements, news and events on the move. The unique feature rich app for the iPad can be downloaded directly from the App Store –
Intertrader’s purpose-built app for the iPad exploits the larger screen offered by the iPad. It enables users to switch easily between both landscape and portrait views and supports high resolution graphics, fast and easy to use navigation and one-click trading functionality.
Shai Heffetz, Head of Financial Spread Betting and CFD at Intertrader, commented:
“We work from the premise that ‘time is money’ and our app® for the iPad makes it easier and quicker for Intertrader customers to react to breaking news and events when on the move. This is from Intertrader following the recent launch of TradeBack™, a cash back loyalty programme for spread betting. With low margin rates, tight spreads and Tradeback™ our customers can now use the apps for both the iPad and iPhones to make the most of their capital in the global markets.”
Using Intertrader’s iPad / iPhone app:
Traders can access the Intertrader Markets menu from the main navigation panel at the bottom of the screen. This will bring up quick links to the global markets offered, grouped into each specific type of market: indices, shares, foreign exchange, commodities and bonds/interest rates.
There is also a quick link to the list of the most popular markets. Users can browse through any of these groups of markets by scrolling through the list.
The Search facility will help find markets that are not listed in these groups. To open the search screen users tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen, then enter the name of the market they’re looking for.

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