A template is a specific arrangement of line studies, indicators and other layout settings which you can apply to any chart.
MT4 offers a number of pre-defined templates, which you can choose by right-clicking in the chart window.

If you already have a template file (.tpl), you can import it by placing it in the Templates folder on your PC and then importing it in MT4 using the Load Template option.

If you want to save your current layout as a template, use the Save Template option.

Drawing objects and adding indicators

MT4 offers over 30 drawing objects that can help you identify potential patterns and trends on your chart. Click Insert for a drop-down menu with all the available tools.

To change the appearance and properties of a drawing object or to add a desciption to the object, right-click in the chart window and select Objects List. This will bring up a list of all the displayed objects on the active chart.

  • Select an object and click Show to shift the chart position to the selected object
  • Use the Edit button to configure the selected object

MT4 also allows you to apply up to 30 different technical indicators to any given chart.
To add an indicator, choose one of the following options:

    • Click Indicators in the Navigator menu, select an indicator and drag it to the chart window
    • Click the Insert menu, select Indicators and then choose an indicator from the list – it will be added to the active chart

Click  on the Charts toolbar, then choose an indicator from the list – it will be added to the active chart When you add an indicator, a setting window appears allowing you to configure the settings for the indicator.

Saving profiles

MT4 makes it easy for you to work with multiple charts. You can save and load groups of charts as a profile. Click File and choose the Profiles option.

By using this drop-down menu you can:

  • Save the displayed charts as a set by clicking Save As
  • Display one of the existing profiles by selecting it
  • Navigate between the profiles by clicking Next or Previous
  • Delete a profile by clicking Remove and then selecting the profile you wish to delete

Trading direct from your chart

MT4 allows you to place trades directly from the active chart by right-clicking in the window and selecting Trading.

Click New Order to open an order window for this instrument. The price updates in the order window and you can set your desired volume, your Stop Loss and/or Take Profit, then click to buy or sell by market execution.

To place a pending order, change the order type to Pending Order, select the price at which you wish to trade, and specify whether this is a Buy Stop, a Buy Limit, a Sell Stop or a Sell Limit. Then add Expiry, Stop Loss and/or Take Profit levels, if desired, and click Place to place your order.


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