An exclusive premium trading service for professional traders

Enjoy DMA trading on equities with our team of highly experienced sales traders.
We offer a full, bespoke service, with spread betting or CFD trading on equities,
options, forex, indices and commodities.

All trading involves risk, and losses can exceed your deposits

Experienced sales traders

We bring many years of experience in the derivatives markets to offer you an exemplary service

Innovation and excellence

Trade DMA equities, indices, forex and commodities, as well as options on most underlying securities

Trade the way you want

Place trades and orders by phone with your broker, or use our DMA platform to manage your trading directly


Your money is held with one of the UK’s largest financial institutions in a fully individual, segregated account

100% confidentiality

Through numbered accounts, we pride ourselves on keeping you and your trading strictly confidential

Zero conflict of interest

We offer Direct Market Access and Straight Through Processing for all our markets with no dealer intervention

For experienced, professional traders

Answer ‘yes’ to at least two of these questions and you could be
categorised by InterTrader Black Trading as a professional client:

  • Have you made at least 10 trades (in significant size) per quarter over the last four quarters?
  • Do you have a financial investment portfolio in excess of €500,000?
  • Have you worked in the financial sector for at least one year in a professional position?

DMA equities

Full access to UK, European and US stock exchanges on our DMA platform. Direct order routing ensures you get best execution:

  • Trade direct into the equities market
  • See the full market depth for individual equities, with the weight of buyers versus sellers
  • Place your own orders directly into the live order book, inside the market spread
  • With Direct Market Access we carry no risk on your trades

Phone trading service

We develop strong and enduring relationships, giving you the freedom to manage your trading activity by phone:

  • Your personal relationship manager will directly handle all your trades and orders
  • We are specialists in derivatives trading with a wealth of knowledge, experience and creative trading solutions
  • We take a hands-on approach to your needs and requirements
  • All your trading activity is strictly confidential


An option is a derivative based on the expected future value of an underlying market. With spread betting and CFD trading on options you can:

Hedge your portfolio

Protect yourself from the potential downside of a major market move by purchasing ‘put’ options on specific stocks

Control your trading risk

When you buy an option the most you can lose is the cost of the option itself


  • Your funds are used only to pay the margin required on your trades
  • Funds are held in accordance with client money rules with one of the UK’s largest financial institutions
  • We use numbered accounts to ensure absolute confidentiality
  • Our income is solely derived from brokerage commission with no proprietary risk-taking

All trading involves risk, and losses can exceed your deposits


When you trade with Intertrader you are choosing a trusted provider with an exceptional track record