As smartphones and tablets become more compact and convenient, spread betting providers are looking to make mobile trading accessible to a larger number of clients.

All experienced traders have encountered the problem of missing potential trading opportunities because it is nearly impossible to be in front of the computer screen constantly. To help remedy this, mobile trading apps now enable traders to place trades from nearly any location.

Spread betting on web-based platforms

Flexible dealing platforms now tend to be web-based, which means that the trading software can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. This is important for traders on the go who do not always trade from the same computer. In this case, global financial markets can be reached at any time using a web browser and traders do not need to download any applications in order to place trades.

When using a web-based dealing platform, traders only have to log onto the spread betting provider’s website and do the market analysis necessary to place a trade.

iPhone® and iPad® trading apps

For Apple fans who prefer handheld devices, markets can also be accessed via mobile trading apps designed for the iPhone and iPad. You can watch real-time market pricing and streaming technical charts, open and monitor trades on thousands of global markets, and adjust stop-loss and limit levels as you choose.

As well as opening and closing trades in real-time, you can place orders at key market levels, add markets to your portfolio, and check the running profit/loss on your open positions and your overall account balance at any time.

Assessing the reliability of mobile apps

As mobile technology advances, reliability has become less of an issue for trading apps. As long as your mobile device is able to maintain its internet connection, there is very little chance that execution of trades and the flow of market information will be disrupted.

The user interface for these apps has been streamlined such that only small amounts of processing are required, with rigorous beta testing to ensure there are no disruptions in trading execution. While it might not be ideal to use mobile devices to trade on very small timeframes, there is no reason for the typical trader to be discouraged from implementing trading strategies via mobile applications.

While you should note that the service you receive on a mobile platform does depend on your internet connectivity, spread betting providers have now executed multiple millions of trades placed via mobile devices. This gives a clear indication of the increased reliability in terms of speed and execution of trading on the move.


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