Our low margin requirements give you market exposure for a proportional initial outlay. You could open a £1 per point position on UK 100 for a deposit of just £38.

To open any position you need to have some funds on your account. The amount required – known as the margin – is different for each market. We keep our margins as low as we can for all clients.

Your initial margin is calculated as a percentage of your full position value. For example, the margin rate for UK 100 is 0.5%. Supposing the bid price is 7600, you could sell the UK 100 for £1 per point for an initial outlay of £7600 x 0.5% = £38.

Order-aware margining

You can further reduce your margin requirements by using stop-loss orders. This is known as order-aware margining. Your margin is then calculated as 50% of the normal margin requirement, plus your risk per point multiplied by your stop distance (so long as this total is less than the normal margin requirement).

You should note, however, that your margin requirement will increase if you move your stop further away from your opening level, and that stop-loss orders are not guaranteed and may be subject to slippage and market gaps in volatile market conditions.

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