Our ‘No Dealing Desk’ model gives you a direct and transparent way to trade. Your trading positions are automatically offset and passed straight through to the underlying market, with no dealer intervention and no requotes.

Any position you open is automatically traded in full in our liquidity pool so Intertrader never carries an exposure that could cause a conflict of interest. All your orders are anonymous and you can even interact with the market by placing orders inside the market spread.

For forex CFDs on MT4 you trade at the market price and pay a small additional commission per trade. On the web-based platform, and for spread betting and non-forex CFDs on MT4, this charge is added to the market price to give an ‘all in’ spread.

How does this work?

No dealer intervention

Execution of your orders depends solely on market liquidity and not on the discretion of a dealing desk. One consequence of this is that you will never be requoted – your new position will either be opened at the price you requested or rejected if there’s insufficient liquidity.

While stop-loss orders are subject to slippage in volatile market conditions, the flipside of this is that you may benefit from positive slippage on stop and limit orders, known as ‘price improvement’. And don’t worry that No Dealing Desk means an impersonal service. We pride ourselves on our exceptional personal relationships with our clients and you can call us any time if you have technical issues and need to close your trade over the phone.

Trading the forex interbank market

Prices from the interbank market are aggregated in our liquidity pool, which provides the best available bid and offer prices for the forex pair concerned. Using the MT4 platform or our web-based platform you can view the best bid and offer and place your own orders directly into the market.

Intertrader acts as the counterparty to your position, but we offset our full exposure automatically by placing the matching trade with our liquidity providers.

So, unlike other spread betting and CFD providers, we have no vested interest in whether your position makes a profit or a loss. Our only revenue comes from our dealing charge.

Find out more about our 100% market-neutral execution.