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Key trading levels for major European stock indices

There is quite strong resistance on the DAX 30 chart at 12465/475. A break higher would target 12530/540. Above 12560 look for 12590/600, before the July high at 12650. A break higher is an obvious buy signal in the bull trend, targeting 12740/760 then 12860/880.

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Strong support at 12400/390 could work better today! Long positions need stops below 12350. A break lower is a minor sell signal targeting 12320/310, then a buying opportunity at 12250/240, with stops below 12200. We see the next downside target and buying opportunity at 12090/080.

The first support for the Euro Stoxx 50 is at 3500/3496 but a move below here targets 3485/83, then a buying opportunity at 3473/69. Long positions need stops below 3460. The next downside target and buying opportunity in the bull trend is seen at 34440/30, with stops below 3420.

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Holding 3500/3496 targets minor resistance at 3513/15 and 3522/24. Above 3528 look for 3536/37 and 3542/46. A break higher targets 3565/68 and 3575/78, perhaps as far as 3600/04.

The FTSE 100 holding first resistance at 7500/95 targets 7470/65, then a buying opportunity at 7445/40, with stops below 7430. A break lower, however, targets 7415/10 and below 7400 look for good support at 7380/70. Long positions need stops below 7360. Further losses could target a buying opportunity at 7315/05, with stops below 7290.

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There is minor resistance at 7500/05 but a move above here re-targets 7530/35, then 7555/60. A further break higher targets 7575/80, while on further gains look for 7606/10 and 7640.

Jason Sen

Technical Analyst & Trader

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