For serious traders searching for the best provider, a key factor will be a fast, reliable trading platform. Without platform reliability you are effectively trading with your hands tied, unsure whether you are going to get in at your desired price, if at all.

The Intertrader web-based platform has been designed with four essential qualities in mind:

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Reliability
  • Ease of use

And in effect all four of these come down to reliability: can you trust that you will be able to access the spread betting and CFD markets you want to trade, at the time you want to trade them, at the price you see on screen? If not, this could be the time to switch providers.

Trade at the price you see

Our live spread betting and CFD prices are changing all the time. The platform shows you the current bid-offer quote, updating with every tick in the market. Simply click BUY or SELL when you are ready to trade at the price quoted.

Execution is superfast. You should receive confirmation in a couple of seconds, and there are absolutely no requotes. On opening a trade you will never be filled at a price worse than the price you have requested.

Intuitive trading interface

A reliable trading platform is also one that won’t confuse you, one that you can pick up quickly and trust to execute your trades. Intertrader clients find our trading platform exceptionally easy to use: the basic functions of finding a market and placing a trade are simple and intuitive, while the more complex functions are easy to find for more experienced users, and you can easily adapt the platform to your needs.

Within minutes of accessing the platform you can feel confident in placing your first spread betting and CFD trades. Just select a market and enter your trade size. The price is updating all the time in your trading ticket: click BUY or SELL to trade at the current live price.

For more information on placing your first trades please refer to our online User Manual for the Intertrader platform.

Speed, stability and precision

Our trading system is designed to handle the heaviest periods of volatility, during the most extreme market conditions. Let your provider support you during the busiest trading times.

We also provide fractional pip pricing on forex markets for greater precision. By quoting forex to an extra digit we take you closer to the interbank market price from which our quote is derived, bringing you more potential trading opportunities.

Among our many platform advantages, we provide a flexible range of order types to help you implement your trading strategy. You can attach a non-guaranteed stop-loss order to your position, to place an absolute limit on potential losses, or a Trailing Stop to lock in profits should the market move in your favour. You can also create orders to open new positions if future price conditions are met.

Fast and efficient online trading

Join a reliable provider with a reliable trading platform. To upgrade to Intertrader simply fill in our online application form and you could be logging in to our platform within 30 minutes. Become an Intertrader today! More on: How to Upgrade to Intertrader.


When you trade with Intertrader you are choosing a trusted provider with an exceptional track record