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Trading levels around the US nonfarm payrolls

With the latest nonfarm payrolls due in the US today, we take a round-up of the major forex pairs and US indices.

AUD/USD runs into first resistance at 6730/40. Short positions here target key support at 6725/20. If this holds the downside today we are likely to break above 6755 eventually, targeting 6775/80 and a selling opportunity at 6800/10, with stops above 6825.

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Failure to beat 6730/40 tests key support at 6725/20. Long positions need stops below 6705. Further losses test good support at 6680/70, where longs need stops below 6655.

NZD/USD holding above first support at 6260/70 eventually targets a selling opportunity at 6340/50, with stops above 6370. A weekly close above 6370 would be a buy signal for next week targeting 6400/05 and 6440/50.

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First support is at 6270/60 but a move below here targets 6230/20. Try long positions at 6185/75 with stops below 6140.

USD/JPY topped exactly at first resistance at 106.90/95 on the bounce. Holding here again today tests minor support at 106.50/45 but a move below targets better support at 106.00/105.90.

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First resistance is at 106.90/95 but a move above 107.05 meets a selling opportunity at 107.55/65 with stops above 107.80. A break higher targets 108.10/20 with resistance at 108.35/45.

The outlook for EUR/JPY is negative in the bear trend as we break 117.50/40, targeting 117.25/20 and 117.05/00 (hit), perhaps as far as 116.60/50 today. Below 116.30 risks a re-test of the 115.95/85 low.

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Try shorts at 117.65/75 if we bounce back today, with stops above 117.95. A break higher is a buy signal targeting 118.20/25 and resistance at 118.40/50 for profit-taking.

EUR/USD meets strong resistance at 1.1000/10 and shorts need stops above 1.1025. A break higher, however, is a very important medium-term buy signal, initially targeting 1.1050/60 and 1.1075/85.

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Our shorts at 1.1000/10 target 1.0950/40 for some profit-taking but a move below 1.0930 risks a slide to 1.0905/00, before the swing low at 1.0883/77.

USD/CAD holding above first support at 1.3310/20 is an important medium-term buy signal, initially targeting 1.3375/85. Further gains target 1.3420/30.

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First support is at 1.3320/10 but falling below 1.3290 targets 1.3260/50, perhaps as far as minor support at 1.3210/00.

The E-mini S&P 500 bottomed exactly at important longer-term Fibonacci support at 2860/50 and longs worked perfectly on the bounce to 2895/99 and minor resistance at 2916/19 today.

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A further recovery is certainly possible and above 2922 is a buy signal, targeting minor resistance at 2927/29 and strong resistance at 2937/39. Shorts need stops above 2946. A break higher targets 2953/55 and 2964/66.

First support at 2894/91 could hold the downside but a move below 2885 risks a slide to 2878/74, before a buying opportunity at 2860/50. Place stops below 2840. Key support is then at 2821/19.

The Nasdaq 100 meets resistance at 7670/80 today. Shorts need stops above 7690. A break higher is a buy signal targeting 7725/35 and probably resistance at 7752/56.

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Holding resistance at 7670/80, however, targets 7615/10 and first support at 7595/85. Longs need stops below 7575 for a test of strong support at 7520/10.

Jason Sen

Technical Analyst & Trader

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