At Intertrader we want to make sure that all our clients are protected against unmanageable losses. Spread betting and CFD trading are a high-risk activities and markets can move suddenly, especially when unexpected news breaks. For this reason, we recommend you attach a stop-loss order to every position opened with Intertrader, to help mitigate losses should the market move against you.

Please note however that stop-loss orders are not guaranteed and you may still lose more than your initial margin requirement, for instance if the market ‘gaps’ through your stop level.

Rules to manage your risk:

  1. Plan your trades
    Know your acceptable risk and profit target for each trade
  2. Adjust your stop level
    This will set your risk level, although stops are not guaranteed
  3. Stick to your plan
    Trust your planned entry and exit levels

You can find out more about margin calculations in our FAQs.


When you trade with Intertrader you are choosing a trusted provider with an exceptional track record