Claim up to £1000 in trading funds by referring new traders to Intertrader. For each new trader you refer to us each month, we increase the size of your bonus. Refer five new traders in a month for a bonus of £1000.

Three steps to boost your trading funds:

  1. Contact with the details of your associate(s)
  2. You receive a bonus for each associate that opens an account, up to £1000 per month
  3. Your associate will also receive a £100 bonus when they open their account
 1st trader2nd trader3rd trader4th trader5th traderTotal for referrals
Referrer bonus

Terms & Conditions

  1. To qualify for the referral programme you must hold a live Intertrader account and be classified as a professional client.
  2. We will credit your account with the following bonus amounts for each trader you refer to Intertrader, up to a maximum of five traders. Each referred trader will also receive a bonus amount of £100.
  3. The bonus amount you (the referrer) receive is dependent on the number of referrals made within a calendar month. As per the table above, for your first referral each month you will receive £100, for your second referral you will receive an additional £150, for your third referral you will receive an additional £200, for your fourth referral an additional £250 and for your fifth you will receive an additional £300. This makes a total of £1000 for five referrals in a month.
  4. This offer is valid until 23.59 (UK time) on 31 December 2019 (‘Closing Date’). In order to qualify for the bonus, you and your referred trader(s) must meet the qualifying criteria before 23.59 (UK time) on 31 December 2017 (see clause 11).
  5. Any referrals in excess of the maximum of five referrals per month are not eligible for a bonus. If you wish to refer more than five friends, please contact our Partners team on
  6. You must have an existing personal/business relationship with the person you would like to refer and it is your understanding that they would be interested in receiving information about products provided by Intertrader.
  7. By taking part in this offer you consent for Intertrader to provide information to your associate on your behalf, which will include reference to your name. You also acknowledge that you will indemnify Intertrader for any penalty incurred as a result of an inappropriate introduction.
  8. The referred trader(s) must be a new user to Intertrader (not having previously held an Intertrader account). Referred traders who already have an account with Intertrader are not eligible for this offer. You cannot refer yourself, a family member or a member of the same household.
  9. Accounts are opened subject to status – not all applicants will be successful in their application.
  10. In order for you and your referred trader(s) to qualify for the bonus, you and your referred trader(s) must both meet the qualifying criteria as follows. For every referral made, you must deposit £250 into your account and place ten opening non-equity trades within 30 days of your referred trader’s account opening. Your referred trader(s) must also deposit £250 and place at least ten opening non-equity trades within 30 days of opening their account. Please note that the qualifying criteria apply to each separate referral.
  11. Equity trading is excluded from this promotion and any equity trade will not count towards the qualifying criteria.
  12. Once you have fulfilled the qualifying criteria, contact within 30 days of your referred trader’s account opening to have the bonuses added to your accounts. Bonuses will be added within two working days and be credited in the same currency as your account’s currency. If your account is not in GBP, the bonus amount will be converted using the prevailing exchange rate into your account currency.
  13. The bonus amounts cannot be withdrawn from your or your referred traders’ accounts for three months from the date it is credited. We will not be able to action a refund for three months where the account balance is below the total bonus amount, even if you have credited your account after receiving the bonus.
  14. We will not be liable for any losses of more than the bonus amount that you may incur as a result of trading with the bonus.
  15. This offer is not open to employees of Intertrader Limited or GVC Holdings PLC or members of their families or employees of any other company engaged in direct competition with Intertrader.
  16. We reserve the right to amend, withdraw or restrict this offer at any time without notice. This offer is subject to fair use policy and we have the right to withhold this offer when we have reasonable belief that the offer is being abused in any way, such as co-operation, collusion and the organisation of trades from the same source. We are the sole arbiter of these rules and any other issue arising under this promotion.


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