Active Intertrader clients get free access to powerful technical analysis
and trading signals from leading research house Trading Central.

Trading Central is an award-winning team of technical analysts, providing investment research to global financial institutions, market professionals and private investors.

Their proven methodology combines chart analysis with sophisticated mathematical models and technical indicators. Japanese candlesticks are used to confirm market reversal or acceleration, generating trading ideas over multiple timeframes.

Apply research to your trading decisions

Trading Central is available free of charge with all active (i.e. funded) Intertrader live trading accounts. Real-time research notes are generated across our full range of markets, covering forex, equities, indices and commodities.

You can use the research to:

  • Confirm your own potential trading strategies
  • Learn more about technical analysis methods
  • Form a basis for your stop and limit order levels
  • Develop ideas for new trades

How to access Trading Central

  • Intertrader web-based platform
    Click on any market name in our web platform to bring up trading
    signals for that market
  • Standalone research package
    You can log into Trading Central research from our web platform
    or our customised Direct MT4 terminal, or by clicking below

Active Intertrader clients only

Daily Market Brief

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Trading Central is a Certified Member of all three independent research associations,Investorside, Euro IRP and Asia IRP, which promote independent investment advice,free from any conflict of interest.


When you trade with Intertrader you are choosing a trusted provider with an exceptional track record

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You should consider whether you understand how these products work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.