Low Margin Rates – Small Initial Deposit

Our low margin requirements give you market exposure for just a small initial outlay. You could open a £1 per point position on UK 100 for a deposit of just £20.

To open any position you need to have some funds on your account. The amount required – known as the margin – is different for each market. We keep our minimum margins low across all our markets, making it easy for you to get started.

The minimum margin is calculated as a percentage of your full position value. For example, you could sell the UK 100 for £1 per point for an initial outlay of just £20, or buy £5 per point of Vodafone for an outlay of around £35. This would give you an equivalent exposure to buying 500 actual shares at the full market price.

You can reduce your margin by placing a stop-loss order on your position, although you should note that your margin requirement will increase if you move your stop further away from your opening level. For more information on how our margin rates are calculated see our Responsible Risk Management.

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