CFD Trading Costs

The cost of trading equity CFDs is taken as a commission on opening and closing your position. For example, to trade Vodafone CFDs you would be charged 0.1% of your position value on opening and 0.1% of your position value on closing.

The cost of trading all other CFDs is included in the dealing spread, much the same as with spread betting. So, if our spread for the cash UK 100 is 6045-6046, the cost of trading is 1 point x your risk per point.

You should however note that, with undated (non-expiring) markets, we may make adjustments for overnight financing or dividend payments, which can be debited from or credited to your account. These are designed to reflect as closely as possible the effects of an actual physical purchase (or sale).

Please see our FAQs for full details of how these adjustments are calculated.

Financing and dividend adjustments

If you keep a position on an undated (non-expiring) market open overnight we will make an adjustment to your account to reflect the interest cost of holding your position.

This is calculated as a debit for long positions and as a credit for short positions, using the Relevant Funding Rate (RFR) for overnight financing. The debit for long positions is based on the RFR +2.5% and the credit for short positions is based on the RFR -2.5%. (For this reason when interest rates are low you may actually be debited for a short position.)

We also make adjustments when a share goes ex-dividend to reflect the consequent change in value of positions on that share (or on indices that include the share). This adjustment will be a credit for long positions and a debit for short positions.

Full details of our financing and dividend adjustments can be found in our FAQs.

No other charges

There are no other charges for trading CFDs with InterTrader. We do not charge you for:

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