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Jason Sen

Nasdaq 100 correction on the cards

Jason Sen
The Nasdaq 100 has been on a meteoric rally from a low in March 2009 of 1040. It rose in pretty much one straight line to a peak of 4686 in the middle of 2015 before seeing anything like a decent correction.
An initial drop of just over 15% preceded another drop of a slightly larger magnitude at the end of the year. The index then bottomed at 2862 in February 2016.
The next rally was at a much faster pace. Prices rocketed to a high this month of 5898.75. This marked a gain of 2036 points or 52% in less than 16 months.
The full eight-year gain is 4858 points, or 467%. What an incredible ride for investors as you can see in the weekly chart below. Needless to say I missed the whole move!
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Of course much of the recent rally has been driven by a small number of stocks. These include the ‘FANGs’ – Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google.
I’ve zoomed in below on the last five-year period with two clear parallel trendlines. The upper trendline starts in April 2012. This has just been tested again for the first time since the first half of 2015.
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Of course this rejection on Friday night hit the headlines. The index collapsed dramatically from 5898 to 5660, or 4%, in about four hours.
Although that sounds dramatic, it only took out gains for the past three weeks. The market managed something of a recovery after hitting a low of 5634 on Monday morning, but only managed to retrace 50% of that Friday-night-to-Monday-morning-loss.
The index has been hit again as we re-test Friday’s low of 5660. We look like we’re going to re-test Monday’s low at 5634. That Friday low at 5660 coincides with the seven-month bull trendline going back to November. You can see this in the daily chart below.
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The 55-day moving average at 5631 also coincides with Monday’s low. It’s obvious therefore that a break below here signals a continuation of this correction. This would target the 23.6% Fibonacci level of 5582 combined with the May low at 5550.
It is entirely possible that this support level will trigger a bounce. The bull trend could then resume happily, but we would of course need to regain that trendline in the 5660/5670 area to re-test the all-time high at 5898.
The question then is do we double-top to signal a deeper correction?
A break below the May low at 5550 would add pressure to test the April high at 5481. This high coincides quite nicely with the 100-day moving average support.
If you look back at the weekly chart, the lower trendline of that upward-trending channel comes in at around the exact same 5480 level. The bulls will therefore need to defend this level heavily if we are to remain in a strong uptrend.

Jason Sen

Technical Analyst & Trader
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