Welcome to our InterTrader offer

  1. Open an InterTrader spread betting or CFD trading account on the web-based platform

  2. Make an initial deposit of $/€/£500 or more

  3. Request your extra 10% in trading funds, up to $/€/£10,000

  4. Cash-out restrictions apply, see below for full Terms & Conditions

1. The opening of accounts is subject to status.

2. This offer is available to new customers who have not previously held an account with InterTrader and to existing customers who are yet to make a deposit. This offer is limited and can only be applied to one account per customer.

3. This offer is not available for equities.

4. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, unless explicitly stated in the terms and conditions of that particular offer.

5. This offer runs until 23.59 (CET) on 15 July 2018 (“Closing Date”). In order to qualify for the bonus you must have opened an InterTrader account, met the relevant criteria and requested the bonus before the Closing Date.

6. InterTrader will credit your account 10% of your initial deposit if over $/€/£500 up to a maximum of $/€/£10,000. The “initial deposit” can be a series of consecutive deposits made within 5 working days of the first deposit (“Initial Deposit Period”) provided that the aggregate amount deposited during the Initial Deposit Period is more than $/€/£500. Once you have claimed your promotional bonus offer you will not be able to make any further claims in respect of this offer.

7. Once you have deposited funds please contact your Account Manager or the Customer Support team (support@intertrader.com) in order to request that the promotional bonus be applied to your InterTrader account. Your deposit amount will be calculated as the total sum deposited in the Initial Deposit Period less any withdrawals during that period. Your promotional bonus amount will be dependent on your deposit amount and will be calculated using the table above.

8. Your promotional bonus will remain in your InterTrader account and may not be withdrawn until all the release criteria are met.

9. In order to satisfy the release criteria you must place opening trade(s) with a total £ per point of at least double your promotional bonus amount. For example, if you deposit £10,000 you will receive a bonus of £1,000 . In order to meet the release criteria you must place trades with a £ per point of at least £2000 e.g. 400 x £5 per point spread bets. For example if you receive £100 trading credit you have to place opening trades with a £/€/$ per point of at least £200 (spread bets) e.g. 200 x £1 per point spread bets, 200 CFDs, 100 x £2 per point spread bets etc. For CFD trades, if the quoting currency is not in GBP, EUR or USD then it needs to be converted into the account currency for the purpose calculating the number of contracts to satisfy the release criteria. In the event of trading US 500, Russ 2000 or any other index with spread less than 1 point (as specified in the Market Information) due to smaller lot size, a 5:1 ratio will be applied, hence each 5 stake/CFDs will release 1 (of that currency) from the bonus amount. In the example of £1000 bonus, a total of 5000 stakes/CFDs should be traded on US 500 to meet the release criteria for the 1000 bonus. For the avoidance of doubt, equities are not included.

10. If a promotional bonus is applied to your InterTrader account and you subsequently withdraw funds without meeting the release criteria, InterTrader may adjust your account balance by removing the proportion of the bonus amount which was originally credited to your account in respect of the amount withdrawn from the amount standing to the credit of your InterTrader account.

Please note, in reference to clause 9 above, a customer is able to withdraw any surplus “profits” from the account, without the proportionate bonus amount being deducted. For the avoidance of doubt, surplus profits are calculated as follows:

Surplus Profit = equity on the account – total net deposits (including bonus).

For example, if you deposit £10,000, you’ll receive a £500 bonus, so you can withdraw anything over £10,500 from the equity balance on the account, before the release criteria have been met without affecting the bonus amount.

11. If you do not meet the release criteria within 90 calendar days of the promotional bonus being applied to your account for promotional bonuses less than £5000, or 180 calendar days for promotional bonuses of £5000 or more, InterTrader reserves the right to deduct the full bonus amount from your InterTrader account (or such proportion of bonus funds and associated winnings as may be available for deduction).

12. We will not be liable for any losses that you may incur as a result of trading with the bonus.

13. This offer is not available to employees of InterTrader, GVC Holdings PLC or any other company engaged in direct competition with InterTrader.


Last updated: 30.5.18

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