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Jason Sen

USD/JPY showing signs of a short-term top

Jason Sen
Dollar watchers will be well aware of the phenomenal run it has had against the Japanese yen since a low was made over the US election in November at 101.15. The pair peaked in mid-December at 118.66 and has mostly drifted sideways over the past three weeks.
We hit a low of 116.02 right at the end of December. Since then we have made a steady recovery to re-test that high at 118.66. Or very close to it at least with a high yesterday at 118.60.
This leaves quite a clear short-term double top pattern in place. Although the market is certainly no longer overbought on the daily chart, there is evidence of a negatively diverging stochastic to back up the theory of a short-term correction in the days ahead.
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In the daily chart above you can see how yesterday’s candle forms a doji with the close only a little above the open, leaving a long upper wick. This helps to confirm that the double top is in place. We now look for an initial move towards the first support area at 117.20/00.
We have not hit any major long-term resistance. This leads me to believe that, if we do see a correction as I expect, this will offer a nice buying opportunity. Eventually the bull market is likely to resume and a move up to the 120.00 area is likely. I would not rule out a test of the 2016 high at 121.68, which was set on the last week of February, in the months ahead.

The weekly chart

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The weekly chart above shows how overbought we have been for about a month now. A significant correction is overdue. This is all part of a healthy bull market, but how far down can we go?
A break below the first support area at 117.20/00 would be further confirmation of weakness to come. We are then likely to target the two-week low at 116.10/116.00. At this stage we could be oversold in the short term, so a bounce from here would not surprise.
We may even make it back up to the 117.00 level. However, eventually a break below 116.00 does look likely to target 115.50/40.
My overall target for the correction is 114.80/114.60, which I think would be an excellent buying opportunity. There would be a strong chance that the bull trend would resume from here.
Jason Sen
Technical Analyst & Trader
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