CFD Forex

MarketSpreadTrading hoursMin. /max.
trade size*
Unit riskOne point
move example
AUD/USD0.924 hrs1/based on market0.00010.7561 to 0.75620.5%
EUR/USD0.624 hrs1/based on market0.00011.0765 to 1.07660.5%
USD/JPY0.724 hrs1/based on market0.01113.52 to 113.530.5%
EUR/GBP0.924 hrs1/based on market0.00010.8518 to 0.85190.5%
GBP/USD1.224 hrs1/based on market0.00011.2645 to 1.26460.5%
EUR/JPY1.424 hrs1/based on market0.0001122.28 to 122.300.5%
USD/CHF1.424 hrs1/based on market0.00010.9908 to 0.99091%
EUR/CHF1.624 hrs1/based on market0.00011.0677 to 1.06781%
USD/CAD1.724 hrs1/based on market0.00011.3063 to 1.30640.5%
AUD/CHF1.824 hrs1/based on market0.00010.7503 to 0.75042%
CAD/CHF224 hrs1/based on market0.00010.7584 to 0.75852%
CHF/JPY224 hrs1/based on market0.01114.46 to 114.472%
NZD/USD2.124 hrs1/based on market0.00010.7260 to 0.72610.5%
AUD/JPY2.224 hrs1/based on market0.0185.90 to 85.911%
GBP/JPY2.724 hrs1/based on market0.01143.68 to 143.691%
GBP/CHF2.824 hrs1/based on market0.00011.2545 to 1.25461%
NZD/CAD324 hrs1/based on market0.00010.9485 to 0.94861%
NZD/JPY324 hrs1/based on market0.0182.37 to 82.381%
EUR/AUD3.124 hrs1/based on market0.00011.4232 to 1.42331%
AUD/CAD3.524 hrs1/based on market0.00010.9890 to 0.98911%
GBP/AUD2.224 hrs1/based on market0.00011.6714 to 1.67151%
CAD/JPY3.624 hrs1/based on market0.0186.83 to 86.841%
AUD/NZD3.724 hrs1/based on market0.00011.0425 to 1.04261%
EUR/CAD424 hrs1/based on market0.00011.4075 to 1.40761%
EUR/NZD524 hrs1/based on market0.00011.4834 to 1.48351%
GBP/NZD524 hrs1/based on market0.00011.7427 to 1.74281%
NZD/CHF524 hrs1/based on market0.00010.7191 to 0.71922%
GBP/CAD624 hrs1/based on market0.00011.6544 to 1.65451%
USD/DKK1124 hrs1/based on market0.00016.9085 to 6.90862%
EUR/TRY1524 hrs1/based on market0.00013.7500 to 3.75015%
EUR/SEK1524 hrs1/based on market0.00019.4190 to 9.41912%
USD/TRY1524 hrs1/based on market0.00013.7689 to 3.76905%
USD/HKD1524 hrs1/based on market0.00017.7585 to 7.75862%
GBP/TRY1824 hrs1/based on market0.00014.7600 to 4.76015%
USD/ZAR1824 hrs1/based on market0.000113.4045 to 13.40465%
EUR/PLN2024 hrs1/based on market0.00014.3167 to 4.31681%
USD/HUF2024 hrs1/based on market0.0001287.94 to 287.951%
USD/NOK2024 hrs1/based on market0.00018.2476 to 8.24771%
USD/PLN2024 hrs1/based on market0.00014.0110 to 4.01111%
GBP/PLN3024 hrs1/based on market0.00015.0724 to 5.07251%
USD/SGD424 hrs1/based on market0.00011.4144 to 1.41452%
SGD/JPY524 hrs1/based on market0.0180.32 to 80.335%
GBP/SGD824 hrs1/based on market0.00011.7872 to 1.78732%
USD/CNH524 hrs1/based on market0.00016.8364 to 6.83655%
CNH/JPY10024 hrs1/based on market0.0116.61 to 16.6210%

*While we have a maximum trade size for individual trades, there is no limit on the combined size of trades you can have on any market, subject to available margin funds.

Spread betting and CFD trading are leveraged products and as such carry a high level of risk to your capital which can result in losses greater than your initial deposit. These products may not be suitable for all investors. CFDs are not suitable for pension building and income. Ensure you fully understand all risks involved and seek independent advice if necessary.

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